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Epoxy flooring is becoming more popular than ever now in Sarasota, and in more places than you'd expect. While once found only in showrooms and commercial garages, there almost isn't any application someone hasn't used epoxy flooring in.

That means more residential garages and even homes are sporting these smooth and sleek surfaces for flooring. Before making the decision for your home about epoxy flooring, it is a good idea to learn a little about it.

Will Epoxy Work For You?

You need to know that the epoxy flooring work that you would like completed will be carried out by true industry experts. Plus, you need to be sure that the work you need completed by a professional Sarasota painting company is worth having. Some of the benefits include:

If you are ready to have epoxy flooring installed in your home or business, give our pros a call.

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Paint SRQ is the local leading service provider for epoxy floors. This type of flooring can be used and beneficial in both a residential and commercial application. Epoxy makes porous concrete surfaces non-porous, which means no stains or damages and it is easier to clean. If you want both beautiful and functional for your home, epoxy is the right choice to make…

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